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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 15, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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tense moments this morning when fbi agents tried to serve a search warrant in prince george's county. why shots were fired. new information out on who could be held responsible for the bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico. >> it might be chilly outside, but we are bringing the heat inside. creative ideas for summer weddings. good morning. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm keith rust. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's thursday, november 15th, 2012. we have breaking news. just a few minutes ago, united airlines said their computer system is back up and running. it had been down, stranding
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passengers at airports across the country. there could still be delays. now, to a force from the fib in prince george's county. officers attempted to serve a search warrant. this is where tony tull is live at the scene. tell us what's going on at the scene. tony? >> reporter: still a very, very active scene here in district heights. i want to show you a picture of the scene now. federal agents still at the house. many, many agents are going in and out of the house. they were in the backyard all morning long. this morning, it was a d.c. fbi field office search warrant. they were assisted by the s.w.a.t. team. they came in around 6:00, 6:15 this morning. when they got in the house, one of the s.w.a.t. team members felt threatened. at that time, he fired his
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weapon. no one was hit. a woman inside the house did sustain a non-life threatening injury. she was taken to the hospital with superficial wounds. that is the latest we know on her condition. no word on why they did hit this house this morning or what the search warrant contained or what they were looking for. barbara and keith, a very, very active scene here in district heights. many, many fbi agents are still at this house collecting evidence. we saw them this morning going through the house and into the backyard. we are going continue to follow this story here on news 4. back to you. >> thank you, tony. right now, lawmakers are getting more answers about september's deadly attacks on the u.s. kons late. the house committee is holding a hearing about the attacks that killed four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. the director of national
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intelligence is there. tomorrow morning, former cia director, david petraeus will testify before the same house committee. it's unclear, until yesterday, it was unclear whether he would face questions about his sudden resignation last week. we are told he will not have a discuss the sex scandal that cost him his position. you are looking at the newest members of congress. the freshman class posed on the steps of the capital. it's made up of 80 members of the house. the lawmakers will have to hit the ground running. they will help reach a budget deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. turning to the weather now. great skies out there this morning. another cold day. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein, you know the theme in here, it's a summer wedding. not summer outside. >> it looks like autumn, but it's feeling like winter. temperatures all morning long struggling to get out of the 30s
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into the 40s. in the last hour, we have climbed into the 40s. all this because we are not seeing sun. look at the cloud cover streaming north out of the carolinas. there's a disturbance over the carolinas now bringing rain setting out east. well south of the area. we are not going get rain or anything from the clouds. a few thin clouds northeast of washington in the northern prince george's county into eastern howard. they are getting a little sunshine trying to breakthrough. elsewhere, it is quite cloudy. we see the light blue in the 40s. in the areas in green are beginning to climb into the upper 40s to near 50. it's in far southern maryland. reagan national at 47. still in the 30s out in the mountains and around parts of the shenandoah valley. a look at the rest of the week and the weekend. how much longer will the chill last? barbara and keith? >> naung. let's see if things are moving on the roads. >> danella, you are facing the
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traffic in the hallway with the wedding. what about the roadway? >> i know. i need a tracker report for the hallways. let's talk about i-95 in virginia, northbound at prince william parkway. alternate lane closures because of construction. volume is light. the beltway is where you are going to face problems. outer loop, american legion bridge slow as you cross because of the road work. the right lane is blocked. look at gw parkway. the lane is blocked. back to you. >> thank you. parents of d.c. school children have a chance to weigh in on the district's plan to close as many as 20 schools. many are in wards five and seven. that means they will face a lot of complaints this afternoon. megan mcgrath has more. >> reporter: d.c. school chancellor's plan to close and consolidate 20 schools has some
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parents up in arms. later this afternoon, they are going to have the chance to voice their concerns during the first of several public hearings. shaw middle school at garnet patterson is one of 20 schools slated to close under the plan. students like marvin kirkland would be transferred. meaning six through 12th graders would co-exist on the same campus. marvin's mom doesn't think that's a good idea. >> all the kids are, you know, they are too young to be around teenagers. >> reporter: would you worry about your son? >> i would. i would worry about him. i want him growing up too fast. >> reporter: underenrollment made the closes necessary. schools like shaw don't have enough students to justify the expense of operating and maintaining the building. the chancellor says she would
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rather consolidate students in one school and use the savings on programs that target children who are falling behind academically. the closure plan must be appr e approved by mayor vincent gray. before that happens, parents will get a chance to voice their concerns. marvin hopes parent wills fight to keep his school open. >> it's fun. i love it here. >> reporter: you don't want to go? >> i don't want to go. >> reporter: parents will be allowed to have their say during two sown sill hearings as well as two community hearings over the next several weeks. once approved, some of the changes would take effect the next school year. megan mcgrath, news 4. prince county investigators are trying to figure out why a man pulled a gun on a deputy. he fired his weapon, killing a man. it went down on a home on 63rd avenue. the deputy was trying to serve a peace order.
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a woman answered the door, let the deputy in. then, detectives say a man came out from another room with a gun. the deputy fired, killing the man. neighbors were surprised to hear of a deadly shooting in the home. >> hey, how are you? we know a face and name. when you see tape in front of their house, we are going to be concerned. this is our neighborhood. >> the sheriff's deputy is a tenured officer. he is now on administrative leave, which is standard. police hope images help them track down this man. he robbed a walmart and shot a manager. the shooting happened when the manager physical lowed him outside to the parking lot. he's expected to be a kay. the time is 11:08. the criminal penalty facing bp. who could be facing man straughter charges in connection
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with the oil spill in the gulf of mexico? >> plus, the power companies under investigation for how they i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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new this morning. british oil company bp will pay billions to the u.s. in a settlement over the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. nbc news learned the justice department reached a settlement with bp. eric holder is expected to announce the deal later today. according to sources familiar with the situation, two bp employees face manslaughter charges over the death of 11 workers when the deep horizon rig exploded. it triggered a massive oil spill for 87 days. a new poll from a university finds voters approve by governor
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mcdonnell's job, 53% to 26%. women approve 48% to 26%. young voters, those between 18 and 34 approve of him 48% to 24%. the only group that disapproves, democrats by a margin of 43% to 34%. seven states were sur vaifed. he's the only one who got positive ratings from women. right now, the president is on his way to areas hit hard by hurricane sandy more than two weeks ago. president obama took off from the white house within the past hour. he's headed to nye nearby's staten island where he'll meet with first responders. it's the second visit to the destruction zone. he visited with governor chris christie. two power companies are under investigation for how they responded. they received subpoenas from the
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new york attorney general's office for how they restored power and communicated with customers. the storm left 2 million people in the dark for days. >> we have cloudy skies out there. does that mean rain for us, tom? >> does it? >> no, i don't think so. it's a dry, but cold pattern for the next several days. it's feeling like winter still, looking like autumn. individual trees are gorgeous. here is a japanese maple that is in full autumn color. here we are in mid november. a lot of trees wait until mid november to get peak color. it's a gorgeous tree sent in. you can see the photo that is come in that i post on twitter as well as facebook. follow and like as we look at the sky now, yes, it's a gray and cold november morning. there is the washington monument. the jefferson memorial at 47 at reagan national.
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a light northeast breeze around five to ten mirps. a lot of clouds around for the rest of the afternoon. as a result, not much sunshine. just in the low to mid-40s. most of maryland, most of virginia. shenandoah valley in the cold 30s. it was a little below freezing this morning. it's not warmed up much there. the eastern shore is in the upper 40s there. they may peak around 50 or so later this afternoon. here is the view from space. the clouds tracking through the region coming from the south. a few thin spots east and south of washington. sun trying to peak through in charles county, part of prince george's. otherwise, a lot of cloudiness around. here is the wider view. clouds producing rain in north carolina and south carolina. it passes off to the east and stays to the south. a lot of sun off to the west. it's going to begin to move in by tomorrow. as we go forward here for the rest of the afternoon, we have
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the clouds in and out. during the evening hours, they break up a little bit. during the morning hours, this is as of friday at noontime. the clouds are breaking up. we'll have a mostly sunny afternoon tomorrow. saturday, lots of sunshine as well. for the rest of the afternoon, expect a lot of cloudiness, a little bit of sunshine. we'll have highs reaching upper 40s to around 50. a north-northeasterly breeze around five to ten miles per hour. tonight, breaks in the clouds. a cold night. we drop in the mid-40s by sunset to near 40 by midnight. a light northeast breeze. by dawn tomorrow, we'll be back in the mid-30s. clouds breaking up. tomorrow afternoon, going mostly sunny after a partly cloudy morning. climbing into the low to mid-50s tomorrow. cold in the morning, right near freezing starting off saturday morning. saturday afternoon, the 50 z.
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the average high is 58. we won't be near that for the next several days. that includes sunday and monday. we have been talking this coastal storm that might come close enough to give us rain sunday night into monday. the storm is going to be farther out to sea. right now, it's looking dry. we could have rain problems. right now, it looks dry into wednesday of next week. >> thank you. all right. >> let's see if things are looking great on the road. >> what's going on. >> we are checking the area. on the rails, metro, no reported delays. that's good, right? to the roads, 66 eastbound, this is a live look at nutley. a little volume in the area. good news on 66, no accident. 17 minutes from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. i-270, nice and clear. as you make your way southbound
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on i-270 rks northbound as well. no delays. barbara, back to you both. >> thank you. it's 17 minutes after 11:00. still ahead, we are going to hear music tr a young saxophonist who toured with beyonce. plus, we will satisfy your sweet tooth, yum, yum, and give you great ideas for a summer wedding. first, here is a look at what's hot on [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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we are really heating things up today for wedding week. we are focusing on summer weddings today. here with great ideas is bill from design cuisine. welcome. >> thank you. >> good to see you. this is quite an interesting group of foods. you say summer weddings call for
11:22 am
something different in terms of food. >> yes, people are looking for things that are lighter. in this situation, we have something where we have root beer floats, where you pour the root beer over your drink. there you go. >> you bottled those up yourself? >> yes. >> it's a cute idea. >> tell me about the hamburgers. >> people do them after -- like a late night bite. people do it while dancing or having a good time. >> over here? >> tequila sunrises and little hot dogs that you can also serve late night or -- >> it's so cute the way it's served. it makes it more special than just a hot dog. what about the beverages? >> the beverages we have here are cotton candy cocktail. it's sort of light and fun and enjoyable for summer. >> do you get many calls for summer wedding events?
11:23 am
>> many, in. >> in the washington area? >> in the washington area. >> outside? >> we tell people to be careful with bugs and pay attention to when you are inviting people to outside weddings, they are going to be dressed up and wear shoes and in grass. >> stay away from heavy foods. >> do light foods, lighter foods, grilled foods. >> i love the carnival atmosphere. we are going continue that as i move over here to take a look at the sweets offered. jennifer, you bring us to the most beautiful sweet shop. all of this can be done in somebody's backyard. >> definitely. we have our sweet shop here today. this works well. they are becoming very, very popular for an end of the night thing. it works well. a couple essentials, make sure you have personalized items.
11:24 am
we have nbc midday and wedding week and candy bars, too. they are great to go. it's hugely important to have an attendant or two. they are going to keep it clean, keep your guests happy and make sure it looks like this from start to finish. >> you don't want it spilled all over. >> they know guests come up and ravage it. >> do you call folks to come up? >> while you have them, i would definitely put them in something. this is an apron that can be done for $20. >> there are places online you can order candy packaged with your name? >> you can do it yourself. this might be something to give to your caterer or planner. the set up and dishes can get expensive. this is a great card frame. it's different than the regular table. this is a statement piece. when you come in, it makes it
11:25 am
impressive for your guests. remember larger export cards. you have to make them fill up this frame here. creative parties in bethesda created these. >> those are the names of people to get their table number. instead of a table, they have this big frame. people -- it's a wow factor. >> the cake. tell us about the cake. >> this is fluffy thoughts. the two brides up here. this is the nod to maryland passing seven. we have the rainbow cake and two lovely brides. >> question six was it? >> seven was family. sorry about that. >> absolutely beautiful cake. popcorn, this is fun. i like this carnival theme. >> lollipops and candy dots, you can't go wrong. >> thank you. we are going transform everything into the reception in a bit. stick around for that. coming up, new concern over
11:26 am
popular energy products. reports the fda are investigating. plus, why you might not be able to eat a twinkie or other popular treats anymore. tom kierein will be back with a look at the weekend forecast. i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office. [ male announcer ] when people switch from cable to verizon fios, there comes a moment when they get it. the difference 100% fiber optics makes. when i saw that picture, i really got it. i can enjoy the game better at home than going to the stadium. i got it when our apartment became the apartment. [ female announcer ] switch to fios for our best price online -- just $84.99 a month for a year with no annual contract or get this great price and $300 back with a two-year agreement. go to today. call the verizon center once you've got it, you get it. for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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right now, some of the nation's senior intelligence officers are answering questions about september's deadly attack on the us consulate in benghazi. the u.s. intelligence is holding a closed hearing on the attack. tomorrow, former cia director, general petraeus will testify. president obama is set to arrive in new york city in awhile. here he is leaving washington as he prepares to meet with first responders on new york's staten island. he will evaluate recovery efforts. closing arguments are expected in the trial for a
11:30 am
bowie state student. dominique frazier was stabbed to death. alexa was acting in self-defense. they got in a fight over loud music. a friend of the victim testified frazier hit simpson and simpson had a knife and may not have meant to cut frazier. they claim simpson was bullied and asked for a new roommate before the deadly fight. first pay raises in four years. it comes after months of tense negotiations. they owed it to them. the average raise is 8%. some are as high as 12. it will cost the county $8 million at a time when the county is projecting a $125 million budget short fall. the county acknowledged they could use a reserve fund to pay for the increases.
11:31 am
we are going to take a look at the forecast to see how things are looking out there. >> are we going to get increases in those temperatures anytime soon? >> hey, tom. >> we'll take any increase we can get. a lot of cloudiness. thin spots in the cloud cover. there's a live view from the nbc 4 hd city camera showing the gray sky over washington on this 15th day of november. this is coming from the south. there's a disturbance producing rain. it will stay south of us. a few clouds from that. under the clouds, we are in the 40s. low to mid-40s around the metro area and the suburbs. farther south and east, mid-40s. 50 later this afternoon. now a few peeks of sun may come out in the afternoon hours. by dawn tomorrow, under a partly cloudy sky and sun back in the mid-50 z. lots of sun saturday with
11:32 am
afternoon highs in the low 50s. more of the same on sunday. right now, it appears the coastal system we have been discussing may be farther out to see. we are going to be dry. the track changes farther west. the trend is for it to be dry. back to you. >> thank you. danella is standing by. what of the weddings did you say you like best? >> so far, i'm going for summer. i like the excitement of summer. we'll see how the rest of the day goes. checking the roads, looking at delays on the beltway. in the area, no reports of accidents. construction is slowing you down. take a look at the outer loop crossing the american legion bridge. you are sluggish as you head to georgetown pike. the right lane is blocked by construction. the left lane is blocked here by the road work. you are sluggish from the interchange. back to you. >> thank you. >> olympic gold medalist hope
11:33 am
solo got maried tuesday hours after stevens appeared in court for assaulting solo. it started monday with them fighting over where they would live following their wedding. officers who responded said she had a cut to her elbow. they arrested stevens on suspicion of assault. tuesday, a judge released stevens saying there was no probable cause for the assault. they got married hours later. the government is looking at the dangers of five-hour energy. they are reviewing 13 death reports that mention the highly caffeinated drinks. they say there's no proof it contributed to deaths. the cases call for more study of the product and other dietary supplements. today is the day to quit smoking. it's the 37th annual great
11:34 am
american smokeout. half of the smokers tried to quit last year. tobacco use is responsible for only one in five deaths. that's actually quite a few. today, the president of george washington university will make a plan to make campuses smoke free by next fall. something amazing happens when he picks up a saxophone. now he's performing in our area. nice enough to stop by our studio. how are you doing? >> good, how are you? thank you for having me. >> we had a chat in the green room. i was asking you about your background. you grew up in colorado and you come from a music family, don't you? >> yes. my mom and my dad are musicians as well as educators who are retired now. my dad plays bass, my mom sings. as a child, i grew up listening to them rehearse in the basement of the house. they would always have gigs on
11:35 am
the weekends that my sister and i would go to and they would teach throughout the week in schools. >> from listening to your parents to touring with beyonce starting in 2007, touring from 2007 to 2010. i mean, what goes through your mind when you say wow? >> yeah. really, it was extremely transformational to be on the stage with her night after night. actually more importantly was to see the behind the scenes during our rehearsals and to see her in the studio and to see how she works as a businesswoman as well as the lider, the performer. all of that, i have truly tried to incorporate that experience now into my own band and my own performances. trying to merge the two words of jazz and r & b. >> you are responsible to four albums to your own name.
11:36 am
tough be impressed by your success. >> i have been very blessed. truly extraordinary especially now. signs at a record label, they give me the flexibility and the -- just the openness to do what i want to do musically. they support it, it's amazing. i'm excited about my recent album that is out. continue to play and grow as an artist. >> we are excited to hear you play something for us right now. i can't wait. give us a sample. >> okay. great. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> did i mention, this woman graduated magna cum laude. >> thank you. >> thank you. we look forward to seeing you tonight. you can see the show at 7:30. the amazing tia fuller. yes, magical things happen when she picks up the sax. it's 11:38. how to avoid cooking for the family this thanksgiving. a chore many people do not want. how to make your wedding guests comfortable. how to make the reception live in your memory forever. stay with us. [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios.
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in this week's wednesday's child, we look at a sister and brother looking for a forever
11:42 am
home. i's been a year and a half since we introduced you to them. i'm so glad to see you guys. i'm barbara. their visit to our nbc studio was a last minute change after a planned visit with a skateboard designer fell through. >> i want to be a skateboard professional because i love skateboarding. >> what do skateboard professionals do? >> well, they compete against each other. >> what would you like to be when you grow up? >> probably a judge. >> you and your sister are close? >> yeah. >> who takes care of who? >> well, we both take care of each other. >> is he your friend? >> well, sometimes he's mean. >> really? >> and bossy. >> do you fight? >> yeah, sometimes. >> rain or shine, they have always had each other. they would also like to find a
11:43 am
permanent loving family. >> i would like to have a mom and dad along with my sister. i want them to love me. >> being on tv wasn't the fun they had been expecting today, but then came some surprise helmets and skateboards. as they say, all will be well that ends well for them. we hope that will be with a family that likes or at least tolerates skateboards. if you have room in your home and your heart for them or another child, call our special adoption hot line. the number is 888-to-adopt-me. >> is black friday turning into black thursday? retail employees have to work because stores are opening thanksgiving night. a petition on, a
11:44 am
target associate started a petition after that store along with others decided to open their doors thursday evening, forcing employees to work instead of spending time with family. target says they are keeping up with customer demand and many employees have actually requested to work that night. you know them? you love them. the twinkie has been a classic for decades. it could be a thing of the past very, very soon. hostess brand employees have been striking over court ordered pay cuts. they are telling employees if they don't go back to work by 5:00 tonight, they will try to liqu liquidate. they filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. the number of people seeking unemployment benefits this week is higher. let's check in with cnbc. julia joins us with more on that. >> stocks are hovering around
11:45 am
the flat line despite negative economic reports. let's look at where the markets are now. the dow is down 40 points after dropping 200 points. the nasdaq is off by 12 and the s&p 500 down to 3.5 points. in economic news, factory activity in the atlantic region contracted in november. jobless claims jumped up 78,000 last week due to hurricane sandy. meanwhile, the consumer price index edged up.1% lined up with expectations indicating modest pressures that are likely to derail the plan to keep rates low for an extended period. walmart is trading lower. the revenue fell short of forecast. meanwhile, rival target is trading higher. the results that beat expectations. in an update on the mf global
11:46 am
jon corzine scandal pointing blame to credit ratings agencies for failing to identify risk and pointing to federal regulators. keith and barbara, back to you. >> thanks, julia. unique touches can make weddings memorable to brides and grooms and guests. we are joined with a few suggestions. this is a really different setting than we have seen so far. >> this is a gorgeous setting. lounge chairs are back. you can use them after the dancing, put them around the dance floor. ift's a gorgeous setting. move the reception tables out. you can use them for all sorts of things. >> if it's not outside and you want to look outside, bring the fireworks in. >> with digital lighting, you can do it. if you find a location and they don't allow you to have your
11:47 am
fireworks, you can bring it in. it's extremely budget friendly as well. >> we have the fireworks going here on the inside. there are other things to make it more comfortable experience for your guests. >> always think about your guests. never forget about them. you want them to have fun. a good fun fact is the photo booth. bring it in after dinner and after dancing. once you get the photo booth out with the props. >> i was at a wedding where they had one. no one wanted to do anything else. >> they get stuck there. yeah, they get stuck there. >> those are the pictures. fun accessories. don't forget those. you are going to have a lifetime of fun. it's brought to you by posh foods. it's new so you don't have the huge cage where you step in front. put it anywhere. >> one of the things people will be able to take home with them
11:48 am
when they leave. you brought something else here, a game. >> if you are doing an outdoor wedding, we have a carnival theme set up today. the beanbag toss. it's a way to introduce your guests to have a little bit of fun. maybe you could do it at the cocktail hour while they are hanging out outside. we introduced games into it. let mem have a good time. >> it's a great idea. i like the idea of sitting through the wedding. >> why not? why not? let your friends relax at the cocktail hour. >> we have to see the bride now. let's see what we have. >> we have a couple brides first. we have the beautiful, long, chic dress. it's beautiful chantilly lace and the hair thats s ts to tosd to the side.
11:49 am
don't go too crazy. accent yourself with fun colors in your jewelry. you don't always have to go silver. >> a summer bride is wearing pure white. that's one of the first pure whites we have seen. >> ilk whites are popular. be careful with your skin tone. you never want the dress to stand out before you. you want to stand out before the dress. when you pick your dress, then pick your color. >> we have, instead of a groom today, another bride. why don't we have her come forward. >> for this one, we wanted to show you that you can change into a fun little attire for the dancing. once you get the gorgeous lounge claires in for after the reception, you can change into a fun number like this one. org org org org organza. >> you can wear this for a wedding? you can wear this. >> i kind of like that. >> can we have both of our
11:50 am
brides out here? this goes with the cake we showed earlier with two brides on top. you can put any kind of bride, groom, bride and bride, groom and groom, whatever you are looking for these days. this has been absolutely beautiful. thank you for showing us another way to celebrate our wedding for summer. tomorrow? >> tomorrow, we have carl ray coming in for make up and we have a runway show going for you to see the trends for the new wedding dresses. >> make up and wedding dresses. thank you and thank you to the brides. this has been fun today at the carnival. it's time to move on. 11:50 is the time. coming up, how to entertain the family over thanksgiving. plus, tom kierein will be back i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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when i saw that picture, i really got it. i can enjoy the game better at home than going to the stadium. i got it when our apartment became the apartment. [ female announcer ] switch to fios for our best price online -- just $84.99 a month for a year with no annual contract or get this great price and $300 back with a two-year agreement. go to today. call the verizon center once you've got it, you get it. for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. in today's weekend scene, three things to do with your family over thanksgiving week. we have the activity guide.
11:54 am
we know you can't just sit around and eat. >> no, especially with family members in town. they want to be entertained 24/7. >> especially with little ones. >> there's an art museum. it's a silly, whacky place. they have a great show right now about overactive imaginations. it's a fantastic place for kids 18 and younger. it will keep them entertained for a day and you can get a head start on christmas shopping. they have one of the best museum gift stores ever. you can see, this is a funny little place. >> looking at that bunny will keep the kids hopping, that's for sure. >> tloo there's a great restaurant as well. it's going to be a fun place. >> speaking of restaurants, is that where we are headed next? what about the familyhat doesn't want to cook? >> that's me. there are some restaurants doing amazing thanksgiving day meals. you can go to art and soul, they
11:55 am
are doing a $55 buffet. it's traditional, turkey, ribs, maple coted ham, sweet potatoes. >> 55 for adults, 25 for children. the good thing is it's from 11:00 to 9:00. show up at your leisure. you have all day to get there. you can do other things. >> finally, a little theater. tell us about that. >> if you want to entertain the family, they just opened dream girls. it's a fantastic show. one of our stars to watch in town. an amazing voice. on tuesday, this coming tuesday, you can get in for $22. call the box office, $22 tickets all day. you can get them. >> that's a special price for a special entertainer. i have read up on her. she seems amazing.
11:56 am
>> i have seen her. she's fantastic. >> thanks for the wonderful tips. for more ideas on your weekend, log on to or the going out guide on washingt pat lawson muse has a preview of things to come. >> at 4:00, why best selling singers from rihanna to katy perry are upset with pandora. then, coming up at 5:00, thanksgiving we know is just a week away now. tonight, liz crenshaw dishes up a great way to have a great turkey day on a tight budget. back to you. >> thank you, pat. >> it's time for a final check on the forecast. >> it's still cold. >> we have noticed. >> i hope you got used to it. it's going to be around for awhile. get used to it. it's not going away. the clouds are not going away,
11:57 am
either. they stream up from the south. we have rain in north carolina and south carolina. they should stay well to the south and head out to sea later today. we'll still have clouds cruising over the region from that system throughout the rest of the day and tonight. right now, we are in the mid and upper 40s. reagan national is at 49. it's going to get around 50 or so for the high this afternoon. still in the chilly 30s, near 40 degrees. shenandoah valleys and to the mountains. sun breaking out,round 50. tomorrow, more sun. a cold morning. cold saturday morning. it's near freezing by dawn saturday and lots of sun during the day. outdoor weekend plans look great. afternoon highs in the low 50s. all the high school and college games friday and saturday. then sunday, skins and eagles at fedex field. ou weather. hopefully, we'll see great football. as we get into midweek next
11:58 am
week, up to next wednesday, looking dry. coastal storms we have been talking about looks like it's going to stay out to sea. it's the latest trend. stay tuned. further west, maybe some rain. right now, we should be dry. >> we are looking forward to good football. >> yes, the skins coming off that biweek. tomorrow, we say bye to wedding week. not before finishing with a bang. >> that's right. a big finale coming up. join us for that. >> thanks for tuning in. check us out at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. see you tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. see you in the morning. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so...
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